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Fuel level measurement services

Working machines used in freight transportation and in agriculture require a lot of fuel. If a car has to refuel more frequently than usual, it can lead to significant additional costs, even for a smaller truck fleet. However, by using the fuel level measurement function of the  i-Fleet Pro package, you can monitor every detail.  An efficient tracking system lets you detect fuel thefts: the fleet manager is practically able to detect in real time if fuel is stolen from the vehicle. In this way each fleet owner can get full control over fuel costs: automatic and online reports are prepared  by the system about fuelling and fuel consumption, thus eliminating accounting errors and facilitating the administrative processes.

The fuel level measurement can be performed using various methods that can be adapted to the needs of the client and to its vehicles. Fuel level measurement is available using a capacitive probe during which a special, individually produced probe will be mounted in the vehicle which is specially adapted to  the parameters of the vehicle. Information sent by the probe is directly read by the fuel control system.

The fuel control provided by FMS data is based on the FMS Gateway integration through which data of sensors monitored by the vehicle control electronics (CAN-BUS) can be retrieved according to a uniform standard, so the fuel quantity delivered by the injection system to the engine as well. The use of  FMS Gateway integration makes possible the fuel level measurement in vehicles where due to the form of the fuel tank or for other reasons the capacitive probe can not be installed or you need more precise data than those available by probes.


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Our colleagues take personal needs into account when installing the system, helping to create custom reports and customize the i-Fleet interface as needed.

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