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Fleet management system tailored to individual business requirements

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Why to choose i-Fleet system?

A good telematics system is able to monitor the whole process of freight forwarding, thus contributing significantly to forward planning and cost optimization. Nowadays, we get information not only about the position of vehicles, but we are able to track all their parameters and the system provides all the information on delivered goods

Our i-Fleet fleet tracking system  is very diverse: its modular structure and the system that can be tailored to all unique requests make us enable to meet your requirements at the highest level and it provides one of the  widest possible modes of application for supporting your fleet management.

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"Our partners – of whom several regularly audit our company – force us to become more efficient and cheaper. It requires ideas and creativity, and we found and kept in i-Cell a flexible and creative partner which can come along with us in this direction."

György Szabó, Prévost Hungária Kft., managing director

i-Cell Kft. has been the leading specialist on the professional fleet management market for more than 20 years and it grants numerous advantages through its i-Fleet vehicle tracking system to its partners who have full control over their fleet in this way.

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