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The main advantage of the vehicle tracking systems is the fact that fleet owners have full control over their fleet. It applies to the route covered by vehicles, the fuel consumption, the temperature measurement in the cargo bay, the official/ private route switcher, to the monitoring of hooking/unhooking of trailers or even to the cargo bay protection. The full control can also make the everyday work easier in areas that we can not even imagine.

Operating a company involves a large number of administrative tasks that we have to perform individually for each vehicle, transport, fuelling, driver. The paper work requires many resources or it takes much time for the colleague being engaged to take care of this kind of work. The i-Fleet vehicle tracking system makes not only the transport organising and fleet management easier, but also the paper work can be facilitated by using this system: you can prepare the necessary reports and waybills with only one click, that is, the i-Fleet system can make also the administrative processes smooth. By using the solution of i-Cell, subscribers can get automatic reports with a predefined frequency via e-mail about their fleet.

Our vehicle tracking and fuel measurement systems optimised for work machines provides useful functions both for mining companies, companies engaged in earth work and for construction companies as well. The i-Fleet Agro system of i-Cell is able to display the route of cultivation of agricultural machines, to control and to register precisely the working processes as well as helps the user to track and to record the type of work process the machine operator has carried out in the given time period. With the help of the parcel-level reports of the device can be easily queried how big the area is in a given parcel that was cultivated by a given machine operator using a given operation method at any time interval

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Our colleagues take personal needs into account when installing the system, helping to create custom reports and customize the i-Fleet interface as needed.