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By using our fleet management system, our partners can achieve significant cost reduction in many areas; thanks to the technological development our system is already light years ahead of the starting point „GPS-based tracking”.

The i-Fleet fleet tracking system of i-Cell, that can be tailored to the requirements of our partners up to the smallest function, the monitoring of driving technique parameters and of the most important parameters regarding the functioning of the vehicle enable the driver to use the truck in a secure and cost-efficient way. It also includes the cost saving, the declining servicing costs thanks to the approprite use of vehicle, and in addition to it, the drivers can receive a personalized training due to the data provided by the telematics system. The telematics system is integrated by i-Cell in many cases into the business management system, warehouse management system and order system, because the integrated data obtained in this way can contribute to a further time and cost saving.

The i-Fleet system- precisely due  to the great number of possibilities-  is a  modular structured system, in this way we put together the customer-specific solution like a LEGO, so that all of our partners -whether we speak about private entrepreneurs, a company running lorry or truck fleet or about a  company from the agricultural sector- can use an individual system that completely meets their requirements, and in addition, this system significantly reduces the costs.

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Our colleagues take personal needs into account when installing the system, helping to create custom reports and customize the i-Fleet interface as needed.