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gps based fleet parking automatic parking, for vehicle fleets

simple, convenient, cost-effective

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How does automatic parking work?

iFleet parking is an innovative and convenient service offered to vehicle fleets designed to make the payment of parking fees for public parking automatic (NM Zrt., contracted parking spaces throughout the country).

A GPS device placed in the user's car automatically detects any stops and starts in the parking zones, and the cloud-based service centre then starts and stops the parking sessions based on this information. As soon as parking is started or stopped, the app sends an instant notification, so you can check the status of your parking at any time. You can monitor it via the app and manually override it whenever you want.


stopping the vehicle when entering a parking zone


automatic start of parking fee payment




automatic stop of payment when leaving a parking zone


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ifleet automatic parking is more convenient than the other current solutions as:

No need to walk to the parking meter and search for loose change.

No need to guess how long your parking will take

No need to look for your cell phone for mobile parking

No need to send a text message or use an app

No need to look for the parking zone number


ifleet automatic parking also provides more safety than the previous solutions, because:

In the daily rush, we won't forget to start, stop or extend the parking session

No more parking started in the wrong zone

We receive a notification that the system is working properly

We retain control of the service and can override the system at any time if it becomes necessary

Why choose automatic parking?

Save time!

You no longer need to start and stop parking via SMS or an app.

no more worries!

With us, the car manages the parking itself, so there are no more fines for parking you forgot to start or for parking started in the wrong zone

pay less for parking

No SMS charges, no unnecessary parking or overpayments

park your car cost-effectively

Settle all your parking fees in one single payment at the end of the month

choose the safety

We will send a notification to your phone and via email whenever you start and stop parking, so you can check the status of your parking at any time

Are you already one of our customers?

Our Fleet Parking service can be activated within 24 hours! Automatic parking is available to our existing customers without the need for installation or purchase of any equipment, and can be used immediately with a GPS device fitted fix to the vehicle.

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frequently asked questions

What is automatic parking?

Parking is carried out using GPS devices installed in vehicles in such a way that the system automatically manages the parking of the vehicle using the data sent by the vehicle. The user can check the parking status, start and stop the parking process via the iFleet application.

The parking service can be activated per company and per vehicle within each company. When the ignition is switched off for an approved vehicle, the system automatically checks where the related event occurred and, if it identifies a parking zone based on the position data, it will start parking for that vehicle via the NM system.

How can I use the service?

For our existing customers, automatic parking requires no installation and no purchase of any equipment, it can be activated immediately through the GPS device installed in the vehicle, all you need to do is to sign a contract addendum with us.

As a matter of course, the service is also available for our new customers. Automatic parking requires a GPS device fitted fix to the vehicle and the conclusion of an iFleet fleet tracking contract. For further details, please contact us via our Contact form, we will be pleased to be at your disposal.

How can the system recognise parking zones?

Under automatic parking, the system monitors the zones registered by NM. Accordingly, if the zone is inactive, a timed parking is triggered at the NM for the next active time so that when the zone is activated, parking is automatically started.

How can unnecessary parking be avoided?

A useful feature of the system is that it includes a short delay that triggers a timed parking, so that it is automatically activated in the NM system after one minute. With this feature you can avoid unintended parking when the vehicle is stuck in traffic or otherwise only stops for a short time in a parking zone

How to avoid penalties?

NM's system is set up on such a way that if the parking process is started within 5 minutes of the penalty being issued, the penalty is automatically invalidated.

Can I also park in the countryside?

The Fleet Parking system has nationwide coverage and monitors the zones registered by NM.

How can I check my parking events?

As part of the service, the iFleet app sends notifications to users when parking is started, stopped or when the vehicle is parked outside the zone. The user can manage and check parking events via the iFleet application, under the Parking menu. Within this menu item, the user can also see the current known position of their vehicle and the parking zone details related to the position. In addition, you will receive an e-mail notification of all parking events, so you can check them at any time.

How are parking fees settled?

The i-Fleet system automatically sends you a detailed invoice for your parking sessions at the end of each month, thus you can easily overview the costs. As part of our parking service, we provide our customers on a monthly basis with a detailed statement of their parking, enabling them to see how their fleet parking costs are structured.

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Our colleagues take personal needs into account when installing the system, helping to create custom reports and customize the i-Fleet interface as needed.