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Vehicle tracking and traffic safety

Accident-free traffic is an important issue for all of us. If you would like to enjoy the technologies already installed in premium–category vehicles, (for a fraction of their price), please order our Safe Driver package. Our traffic safety system is recommended both for private persons and companies.

Traffic safety for private persons

Our Safe Driver package equipped with Mobileye passive safety device is recommended for you if you already have been affected by any of the following points:

  • you drive regularly and long distances on roads
  • you drive in congested and very busy cities where there is a high number of pedestrians,
  • you have already used your phone on speakerphone while driving
  • you have already had the feeling of being distracted while driving
  • fear of falling asleep at the wheel
  • you often drive near agrarian fields and forest areas where accidents caused by animals often occur

Traffic safety for companies

Our traffic safety system is recommended for your company in case if

  • the safety of your employees and your vehicles is of high importance for you
  • your colleagues often spend a lot of time in their vehicles on roads
  • your servicing costs are too high
  • your vehicles often require servicing
  • your vehicles transport fragile, sensitive goods

The data are recorded by our device linked to the i-Fleet system, so own reports, statements can be prepared. In this manner you can get rid of the perpetual servicing, the cheques coming due to traffic infringements committed by your drivers, the accidents related to speeding that endanger your colleagues and both the vehicle and the goods may be injured.

Vehicle tracking and traffic safety – two solutions in one system

The system provides detailed reports on driving style and habits of drivers both for the driver and fleet manager.

  • real-time traffic safety alarms
  • it can be installed in any vehicle
  • simple, clear signals
  • intelligent camera for detecting traffic lanes and signs, it can be fixed on windscreen
  • vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technology
  • full guarantee
  • audible, visual, perceptible, vibrating signals in case of danger
  • the driver is evaluated by a clear, point-based system
  • reducing servicing costs due to the appropriate use of vehicle

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Our colleagues take personal needs into account when installing the system, helping to create custom reports and customize the i-Fleet interface as needed.